Music streaming versus listening to records: Which one is better?

Music streaming versus listening to records: Which one is better? August 9, 2017

In the last two decades, a lot has changed about the way people listen to music. In the 90s everyone was in the records en cassette tapes game. But that has changed a whole lot since the introduction of the internet and the computer. People stopped buying CD’s and other physical music. But is that turn a wise one? Or is a way of records still the future?


Since the last decade, the Music players took over. MP3 players and iPods could hold so much songs in their little form factor that there was no thinking of still bringing a disk player. And with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 that took over so much that it singlehandedly killed his brother the iPod. Now streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music are the new way of listening.


First off, which one is better though? In my personal opinion, they all have their ups and downs. Think about Pandora. It’s great to make your own personal playlist of random songs but creating a playlist of your own songs is a no go. Apple Music is better but just can’t take off because Spotify is around and is killing it. But why is Spotify so good? Is it the fact that it makes 6 different playlists everyday just based of what you recently listened? Or is it because you can go running with it and it plays songs with the beat of your steps? It’s basically that and much more. Spotify is everything you want in a music player. It’s free or paid and it is one of the largest music databases in the world. That means that almost any song you can think of is on Spotify. And it can be both offline and online so you can have your music anytime anywhere.


On the other hand, since 2014 vinyl records have taken the largest boost since 1996. Why do people want to listen to records if you can have Spotify? That lack of perfection in the music, the cracks and other errors gives vinyl its warmth many people say. It’s a part of the retro mania that has arrived. You can see many hipsters and other young people wanting to switch back to vinyl because it’s just cooler. You can’t skip tracks. You cannot go from record to record fast. You just go with the flow of the artist and how he meant the record to be. It’s a whole other experience.


But, what is better for the artist? If there two options to reach your audience which one is better? Physical sales are low even when the record sales spike. And online streaming services keep growing by the minute. The estimate is that an artist makes about 51 percent of his royalty via online streaming services and about 36 percent by physical sales. So it’s safe to say that Spotify is a good place to conduct business.